Gemki Fujii is a No.1 Japanese futurologist and an earnest supporter of President Trump.
His online news service, WORLD FORECAST, has the greatest number of paid subscribers among similar services in Japan. He was an advisor to NOMURA SECURITIES, MITSUI TRUST BANK, and other major Japanese corporations.

He has been an independent thinker and a journalist for more than 40 years. Fujii is one of a rare species combining Japanese traditional culture and American graduate education. He is a black belt of Kendo(Japanese Fencing) and Iai-do(Real-Sword Martial Art) as well as a Haiku poet.

After graduating from WASEDA UNIVERSITY, he studied international relations and American politics at CLAREMONT GRADUATE SCHOOL and HARVARD UNIVERSITY, where he was a teaching assistant and a research assistant of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

He published his first news letter in 1982 and started online WORLD FORECAST news service in 2017. Both services enjoy premier reputation.

Fujii is a renowned futurologist. He predicted a forthcoming Lehman Shock in 2008 and President Trump’s victory in 2016. His forecasting ability is almost legendary.

Education is one of Fujii’s major concerns. He used to be a lecturer at some Japanese universities and ran his own private school without receiving compensation.

Fujii was a speaker at Japanese CPAC in 3 consecutive years. In 2020 he attended CPAC at National Harbor.

Gemki Fujii has published so far more than 70 books on international relations and American politics. He translated Doug Wead’s Inside Trump’s White House into Japanese. The translation came out shortly after the presidential election and welcomed by Japanese readers. 50,000 copies of the book have been sold in Japan.

Fujii is not just a thinker or author or journalist, and also a political activist. In 1999 he founded Japan-U.S. Conservative Caucus (JUSCON) and worked hard to build more solid U.S.-Japan relations. JUSCON invited Ambassador Richard Armitage, World Bank President Robert Zoellick and others for public speech in Tokyo.

He has dedicated his efforts to Taiwan’s independence movement. Besides WORLD FORECAST, Fujii also manages online TAIWAN VOICE with Dr. Kenryo Lin, a Taiwan national, in order to inform Japanese of latest developments concerning Taiwan and China.
Fujii was one of those who invited the 4th WORLD UYGHUR CONGRESS to Tokyo, Japan in 2012. He contributed a great deal and made the Congress successful. The chairman of the Congress, Rebiya Kadeer, highly praised Fujii’s dedication.

Some Asian governments ask for Fujii’s advice on occasion. He has been promoting friendship with Israel, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, the Uyghurs, and the Kurds. He major interests are current international relations, American politics and Asian politics.

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Usable Languages:
English, Spanish, Japanese
Major Interests:
American Politics, Japanese Politics, U.S.-Japan Relations, PRC’s Foreign Policy, Asian Politics, Geopolitics, Tax Haven, Strategy, Intelligence History
  • With Vice President Lai Ching-te
  • With Former Prime Minister You Si-kun
  • With Chairman Rebiya Kadeer (Second from Right)
  • With Indonesian Amvassador Yusron Ihza Mahendra
Global Activities
of Gemki Fujii
Gemki Fujii has been assisting Taiwan’s independence movement for some decades.
Talking to Vice President of Taiwan Lai Ching-te (頼清徳).
Discussion with Former Prime Minister of Taiwan You Si-kun (游錫堃).

Gemki Fujii lectured geopolitics for 2 days at the General Staff Office of Republic of Mongolia in 2018.

Gemki Fujii lectures several times a year current international affairs at the Highest Education & Training Institute of Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Forces.

Gemki Fujii is a former specialist-lecturer of Japan's National Police Academy.

Helping the 4th World Uyghur Congress at Tokyo in 2012, with Chairman of the Congress Rebiya Kadeer.

Gemki Fujii took initiative to settle the statue of the first commander of Indonesian Armed Forces Sudirman in Japan’s Ministry of Defense. Celebrating settlement of the statue of Commander Sudirman with Indonesian Ambassador, Yusron Ihza Mahendra.

Gemki Fujii is the CEO of an independent think tank, CFG of Japan, founded in 1982.

Gemki Fujii travels around the world as a speaker to foreign and Japanese audience.

World Forecast Service
Reporting Real America to Japanese Businessmen

WORLD FORECAST is Gemki Fujii’s online news analysis and forecast service.
WORLD FORECAST is Japan’s No.1 online news service in its category based upon paid subscription.
Subscribers include corporate executives, businessmen, small-business owners, housewives, and college students.
In WORLD FORECAST Fujii analyses ongoing events of international relations and gives forecasts, which are precious advice to decision-making of subscribers. Fujii’s prediction and advice are always welcomed by major corporations, advisers to Japan’s Prime Ministers, and other clients particularly by investors.
WORLD FORECAST is an alternative medium that fights to protect Freedom of Speech. With WORLD FORECAST, Fujii is building new bridge to connect American conservatives and Japanese conservatives. Freedom-loving Americans and Japanese being united, we must fight against oppression of Freedom of Speech, since Freedom of Speech is the basis of democracy.
Socialism is clouding over the free world. Leftist totalitarianism is crashing Freedom of Speech all over the world.
We cannot allow socialists to destroy democracies.
WORLD FORECAST is opposing any totalitarianism, either right or left.
WORLD FORECAST is the essence of Fujii’s wide and deep scholarship.